Naoussa is a beautiful Greek town located on the island of Paros’ northern shore.

Naoussa is the epitome of idyllic Greek island life, with its picturesque Cycladic architecture, bustling harbor, and winding lanes lined with white villas and pink bougainvilleas. It’s a sight to behold throughout the day, but once the sun goes down, it becomes a bustling hub of activity, attracting hordes of people who are interested in trying out the island’s finest dining options.

Which activities in Naoussa should not be missed? There are many things that visitors to this town simply must do, such as taking in the sights and sounds of the city, sampling the local cuisine, and relaxing on the beach. Have no fear; I’ve compiled a comprehensive travel guide that details the top hotels and eateries in and around Naoussa, as well as other helpful details, so you can arrange the perfect vacation without breaking a sweat.
Discover the vibrant culture of Naoussa by strolling its picturesque streets. Naoussa is a picture-perfect representation of a Greek utopia, with its whitewashed homes, cobblestone lanes, and blue-domed churches.

Take a stroll around the lovely port and see the octopus that has just been captured drying in the sun. If you keep walking, you’ll reach a Venetian castle with a stunning panorama of the village’s whitewashed homes, tumbling bougainvillea, and emerald waters that stretch into the distance. Finally, head up to the spectacular Faneromeni (Panagia) Church, decorated and built in the Orthodox style. Located on the peak of a modest hill. It offers a breathtaking panorama of the city, especially around sunset.

Naoussa has transformed from a sleepy fishing village into a bustling town with plenty of trendy taverns, delectable dining options, and stores selling everything from traditional trinkets to the latest in Greek fashion. Shopping addicts can spend a full day in Naoussa, but sightseers only need a few hours to see everything this charming town has to offer.
Naoussa is best experienced in the early morning, before 10 a.m., when it is less crowded. Take advantage of the tranquility of the town before the rest of the population awakes to fully capture its character. Check out the neighborhood eateries as they open their doors and set up their terraces for the day’s scrumptious meals and evenings.
Naoussa comes into its own as the sun goes down. Visitors begin to crowd the streets, terraces, and rooftops as the sun begins to set, whether it be for a nightcap or a delicious meal. The best places to see the sunset are anywhere near the harbor or on the tiny beach directly to its east.


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