Villa Martineli Paros: Handbook of Naoussa Paros Attractions

Naoussa Paros is one of the most beautiful places in all of Greece, with its winding lanes and whitewashed houses. We’re talking about how many caique boats are docked at our port. 

There’s no way this isn’t a romantic setting. Naoussa is a popular destination for thousands of honeymooners and newlyweds every year. Our picturesque village is perfect for romantic strolls with your special someone. We recommend doing this at dusk for maximum atmospheric effect.

Taking a caique ride from Naoussa, Paros is one of the most iconic things to do here. Our port is a major transportation hub, with frequent departures to many other cities. Kolymbithres, Waterpark, Monastiri, and Lageri are some of the best beaches in Paros. Across the narrow bridge in Naoussa, Paros is the launching area for the caique boats that have been converted for passenger transport. To go to the beaches, you won’t need a car if you stay in our town. Caique boats leave around every 30 minutes during the high season.
The island of Paros is a hiking enthusiast’s dream. To adequately describe all of the paths on Paros and around Naoussa, we would need more than 10,000 words. So, we’ll recommend a place that’s convenient for you to get to. Naoussa Bay is home to Paros Park, an ecological preserve. From the town, you can take a caique boat to Monastiri. Many trails make this an ideal spot for a relaxing stroll in the great outdoors. You can make your way to the Korakas lighthouse on foot, and you definitely should. Two peaceful and stunning beaches are just an added bonus to a trip to Paros Park. The well-managed Monastiri beach, as well as a theater and a stunning monastery, may all be found here. There is a beach bar, lounge chairs, and umbrellas on Monastiri.
Naoussa, Paros’s gorgeous harbor, is where the nighttime action is. The majority of the city’s restaurants and nightlife may be found in this area. Depending on your whims, you can indulge in tasty drinks or scrumptious food. You should be aware that Naoussa Paros can get crowded since it is a famous tourist spot. To really appreciate the sunset, we recommend visiting at dusk. Naoussa Paros’s nightlife can be found in the area around the main road and the pedestrian bridge. You may stay up and party till the sun comes up here.



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