Villa Martineli Paros: The Best Guide to Golden Beach on Paros

One of the most stunning and well-liked beaches on Paros, Golden Beach, can be found in the island’s southern region.

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In the summer, the beach’s golden sand and blue waters are a welcome relief from the heat. The beach stretches for more than 700 meters. Windsurfers and kitesurfers flock to Golden Beach, also known as Chrissi Akti. In July and August, the beach is typically highly windy, making it ideal for these kinds of water sports. In reality, it is the site of the Professional Windsurfing World Cup, which attracts competitors and spectators from all over the world every summer. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and other water sports are all available, as is lounging on a sunbed with a refreshing drink. The beachside bars serve you scrumptious and nutritious fare that will keep you grinning all day long. Going to Golden Beach in the shoulder season is the best bet if you’re hoping for some peace and quiet while you swim. If you want to make the most of your day at the beach during peak season, reserve a sunbed in advance.




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